>> Transportation within Stockholm:
We recommend the visiting forrozeiro/a to download the app for public transportation in Stockholm: “SL – Reseplanerare och biljetter”. Open the app, press the “Inställningar” button. Press “Språk” and choose English as your language (unless your Swedish is flawless). Now, you can search your journey!

Regarding tickets, our recommendation is the 72-hour pass for 260 SEK! To buy the pass you will need a SL card which itself costs 20 SEK. You can save your card for when you come back for Alegria do Norte 2020 😉 Buy the card and load it at any convenience store (such as Pressbyrån or 7-Eleven) at metro stations or the airport. The card can also be loaded with a certain number of trips, but for the festival weekend the 72-hour pass is the most convenient. For those who are staying longer, the 7-day pass is offered for 335 SEK.
PS1: If you are arriving/departing at Arlanda airport you can save good money by using public transportation (read more below).
PS2: Note that tickets can not be bought on the buses or from the drivers!

>>Getting from the airport to Stockholm:
1) From/to Arlanda:

a) Public transport:
The cheapest way to get to Stockholm is to take the local bus 583 towards Märsta station. We highly recommend this option since it will save you about 20 euros 😉 The bus leaves right outside the terminals and takes you to Märsta where you can take a commuter train (train 36 towards Södertälje C) all the way to the central station. This journey takes one hour from the airport to the city centre but you don’t need to pay anything extra – just the same SL travel pass you use in Stockholm anyway!

b) Semi-public transport:
If you want to save some time and spend some extra money, you can take the commuter train straight from the airport (from SkyCity). However, in order to enter the commuter train from the airport, they will charge you 120 SEK on top of the normal public transport prices. Don’t ask us why – we agree that it doesn’t make any sense!

c) Arlanda Express:
The easiest and quickest way to get to Stockholm. This only takes 20 minutes and will cost you 295 SEK. However, there are early bird prices and group discounts, just check their website.

d) Airport buses (Flygbussarna):
This takes roughly 40 minutes and costs 99 SEK one way or 198 SEK for roundtrip. Note that there’s a youth price as well! More info: Flygbussarna

2) From/to Skavsta:
From Skavsta you can take an airport bus (Flygbuss) to get to the central station. It costs 139 SEK one way or 278 SEK both ways.

More info about travel fares and travel pass options: Stockholms lokaltrafik – Fares and tickets

How to get home in the night:

On Friday and Saturday, we’ve arranged the metro to run all night through so you don’t need to worry about getting home! A 5 minute walk from our party location you can take bus 96 towards Odenplan and it will take 13 minutes to reach Slussen, from where the metro goes. The bus leaves 25 and 55 past each hour.

On Sunday the metro stops at approx 00:30 and start again on Monday at approx 5:00. During that ‘shortage’ there are night buses. You can also take a taxi or an Uber. These are reliable taxi companies: Taxi Stockholm (+46 8 15 00 00) or Taxi Kurir (+46 8 30 00 00).