Tiago Moraes

Since he was a child, Tiago has been involved in dancing and teaching. At school, he choreographed plenty of group performances involving all kinds of rhythms.
Tiago has been a capoeira teacher since he was 12 years old. Capoeira has helped him to create not only physical and teaching skills but also musicality, which has later improved since he started to play drums.

Tiago studied a 2.5-year bachelor’s in Physical Education in Brazil. During this period, he was invited to Thays Reis’s group to dance jazz for 1.5 years.

When he finally started his bachelor’s in Sports and Performance in Cologne (Germany) in 2011, he started to have classes with Rudolfo at Forró de Colonia and began to go to every possible festival dedicating himself to learn forró.

In 2013, he joined the teaching team to give classes at Forró de Colonia. In 2014, he spent seven months in Brazil at the Pé Descalço school, where he got the honor to do the Vermelha exam.

Back in Cologne, Tiago, Markus, and Julia founded Forró TMJ where they used their wide background in different sports and different types of dances to create their own method of teaching. They are responsible for the organization of the successful “Workshop Komplex”. They also dedicated themselves to learn other kinds of ballroom dances in order to keep improving even more as dancers and teachers.

Tiago has been giving workshops all around Europe doing the two things he is passionate about: teaching and dancing.