Melodybox (Alegria do Norte 2016)

Melodybox is a cozy cultural venue for gigs and parties in a picturesque area in southern Stockholm, bringing a happy and lively vibe in the neighbourhood. In Melodybox you can enjoy the vibes of local history and pop culture, now combined with the warm vibes of forró!

Melodybox is located on Mejselvägen 33, a ten-minute walk away from the closest metro station, Telefonplan (metro line 14 towards Fruängen). Link to Google Maps:

Stora skuggans dansbana

Stora skuggans dansbana is the perfect place to dance in the middle of one of Stockholm’s most beautiful green areas. Located close to Stockholm University campus area, this outdoor dancefloor is right by the water and surrounded by a lush forest.

Get here by taking the red metro line 14 towards Mörby Centrum, get off at Universitetet and walk to Stora skuggans väg 12. From there, follow the sign saying “dansbana”. Link to Google Maps:

Bistro Sjöstad

Bistro Sjöstad is located in Hammarby sjöstad  (roughly translated as Hammarby Lake City), an idyllic area on the southern shores of Stockholm, where the small town meets the big city.

Going to Hammarby Sjöstad feels like stepping into a time machine that fires you right into the future. Originally an industrial zone, Hammarby sjöstad was later transformed into a residential area with a high sustainability profile, which played a role in Stockholm winning the first European Green Capital Award in 2010.

In this exciting neighbourhood, you will find Bistro Sjöstad with a welcoming terrace and big windows facing the water. Link to Google Maps: