DJ Chinedu

Chinedu discovered forró in 2013 in London, and was captured by the dance. A specific song at a forró party caught his attention: Faroleiro from the album “Forró com Ary Lobo”, as he later found out from the DJ. This song was the catalyst from where he began his search for music of the northeast from the 40s to the present day. Chinedu’s DJ sets and musical interest are now inspired by the music of Luiz Gonzaga, Marinês, Ary Lobo, Genival Lacerda, Gilvan Chaves, Zito Borborema, Gordorinha and Messias Holanda, to name but a few.
When Chinedu first encountered forró, he never imagined where it would take him. He has since travelled to Brazil for the Itaunas Festival FENFIT and Nata Forrózeira. These experiences further raised his appreciation for forró pé de serra and exposed him to the alternative approaches of how Forró DJs delivered their sets and the kind of vibe they created at parties. He has developed his own unique signature as a DJ and pushes himself to create a musical environment that gets forrozeiros dancing non-stop!
Chinedu has now DJ’d at forro parties across Europe including, from London: Forró Family, Forró Me Up, Forró do Galpão and Forró Fest UK, as well as Forró Stockholm (Sweden) and Forró Lille (France). He continues to learn more and more about the ever changing forró culture and works to share this sound and movement with as many people as he can.